Welcome the WangerFlange product hub,

If you are looking to purchase WangerFlanges this is the main hub, you can find retail and trade outlets in the links below. The shop page is still under construction so if you can't find what you are looking for send me an email or come back in a week or so and hey I might have updated!
If you are interested in becoming a distributor or would like to stock or sell WangerFlanges get in touch for a chat. Email Paul(at)wangerflange(dot)com

Official WangerFlange online store

Click the link above to go to the official WangerFlange Big Cartel store, All of the retail products will be listed, if you don't see what you want find the contact page and complain bitterly. I'll try my best to stock what you want to buy.

Ebay shop coming soon

Ebay shop opening soon. You might notice that you can click like a demon on the link above just for nothing to happen... Tha's because I haven't set it up yet

Your Shop here

If you would like to sell WangerFlanges please get in touch, I'm looking for Distributors and stockists worldwide. Great working conditions and support material from the WangerFlange team (that's just me)